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Time goes by to quickly
to hold your feelings inside
Especially when their so strong
even if they don't abide...

By all the accepted rules
most people live by
because this one time in your life
You should not wonder why?

Why you didn't act
on what you felt in your heart
when no one could change
it since the very start...

The first time I saw you
and our eyes connected
I knew my life would be
dramatically effected...

I do not regret our choices
nor do I feel unworthy
of your love and affection
that makes me sincerely...

Elated and alive
in ways I never knew
I could begin to feel
that are so truly...

Breathtaking and consuming
in my every day life
with blissful power that
cuts like a knife...

Right into my soul
and touches my heart
In such a positive mode
it tears me apart...

To think of my world
without you in it
tomorrow or ten years
from now you fit...

With me like a glove
glued to my body
holding me together
in a way that's oddly...

Familiar and so natural
it almost scares me
to wonder how you
and could actually not be...

Together for a lifetime
if nobody else existed
We would live a world
of pure blissfulness...

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